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Liberty Safes sold by Roadrunner Lock and SafeRoadrunner Lock & Safe is the most trusted safe distributor and service shop in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We are a proud SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians Association) member. We take your security seriously. Click to see more about SAVTA.

We are Southern Arizona’s ONLY Liberty Safe distributor.
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Reduce potential crimes by locking up guns, ammunition or other weapons. Flexible interiors and door panels can maximize space for valuables, and are a great way to organize. Safes can also offer a reduction in homeowners’ insurance premiums for insured items.

What Can a Liberty Safe Do for You?

Protect your personal assets like cash, gold and silver when uncertainty abounds. Provide 24-hour access in the privacy of your own home. Add front end protection to a home alarm system. Protect valuables from devastating effects of fire, including no-charge replacement warranty on the safe. Controls environment & preserves safe contents from ultra-violet light and humidity.

~Life, Liberty and Property!~

Are your guns, rifles, diamonds or family heirlooms safe? If you are in the market for a gun or a personal property safe, see the professionals at Roadrunner Lock & Safe. Roadrunner Lock & Safe has the largest showroom in Southern Arizona. Based in Tucson, we are a family owned and operated business. We offer the best customer service available and our knowledgeable staff can help you find the product that is just right for your needs.

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We also service all safes, including older safes. We can gain entry to safes when owners have lost or forgotten keys and combinations.


Locked out of your car? We offer the best 24 hour lockout service in Tucson, Arizona.

Liberty Safes equal Peace of Mind!

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