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Home Automation

home automation with Roadrunner lock and safe

The Smart Home is Here and Affordable, too.

The dream home includes smart thermostats, control over doors, garages, cameras, door bells, lights and more! We know how important you take home security and taking control of certain systems will save time and money.

The Smart Home

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more — for seamless automation and control.

Light Control

Manage lights with automatic schedules, and set rules to have lights automatically turn on in an alarm event for added visibility and safety.

Window Sensor

Window sensors can notify you if a window is left open and communicate with your thermostat to help modify the temperature setting if left open for too long.

Video Camera

Keep an eye on what matters to you. Peek-in to watch live streaming video anytime, get video alerts if a specific activity occurs, and watch recorded clips – all from your app.

Smoke & CO Detectors

Protect your family with safeguards for dangerous conditions. In the event of fire, the system signals for emergency response. If carbon monoxide is detected, it shuts down the HVAC to limit the circulation.

The Smart Business can grow your bottom line

Business system automation can help your business be more productive while saving money. Automate functions to optimize temperature, security, control systems and access.

Business Success with Automation

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more, for seamless automation and control.Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more, for seamless automation and control.

Exterior Video Camera

Watch live-streaming and recorded HD video from the app. You can view multiple locations in one dashboard and easily jump right to a specific clip to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Access Control

Easily manage employee permissions for all the access points at your business. Quickly add or delete users, restrict entry to sensitive areas, and receive notifications

Smart Thermostat

Manage energy costs and keep your business comfortable with automated schedules

Light Control

Automate your lights so that the proper areas of your business are well-lit during business hours and security lights are always on after hours.